3nine Automotive
Active Crankcase Ventilation Systems 

Disc stack technology for high-efficiency blow-by treatment. Meeting customers’ requirements and tomorrow’s emission regulations.

3nine Automotive's Active Crankcase Ventilation Technology

Based on 3nine’s Disc Stack Separation Technology, the active crankcase ventilation system removes oil mist continuously out of the blow-by, thereby enhancing overall engine performance and efficiency. Beside a separation rate close to 100%, the technology generates under-pressure that evacuates the crankcase – a demand by existing and future emission regulations. The system is adapted for car, truck and off-road vehicle engines and can either be electrically driven by a BLDC motor or hydraulically driven using a heron turbine design.



Crankcase ventilation systems adapted for both open and closed applications, driven either electrically or hydraulically


Compact crankcase ventilation systems without compromising on efficiency rate, driven by BLDC motor or hydraulically

Off-road Vehicle

Customized solutions to fulfill specific off-road demands

Solution for hybrid, electric and fuel cell applications

3nine Automotive’s Disc Stack Technology is not limited to cleaning crankcase gas in traditional combustion engines. The solution can be designed to get rid of blow-by from hybrid cars as well. Moreover, the technology can be used for separating liquid and solid particles from aerosols in electric motors and in fuel cell applications.


3nine Automotive R&D

3nine Automotive laboratory is located in lllertissen in Germany. It is equipped with the latest technology and equipment for development and testing according to the automotive standards. In addition to standard equipment, the laboratory consists of several test rigs that are specially designed for CCV testing. Among others, customized test benches for icing and for measurement of soot deposition.

The team consists of engineers with over 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry and specialized in the field of crankcase ventilation and technical plastics engineering, as well as those with over 50 years’ experience in the field of disc stack separation technology. Our engineers have contributed to some of the greatest innovations in disc stack technology and obtained several crucial patents.

About 3nine Automotive

Founded in 2020, 3nine Automotive GmbH is a company that develops and sells globally active crankcase ventilation systems and solutions for separating liquid and solid particles from aerosols within the automotive industry.

3nine Automotive is part of the Swedish 3nine Group , which develops air cleaning solutions based on disc stack technology. Apart from the automotive industry, 3nine Group also offers products and services for cleaning air within the shipping and metalworking industries.